Get the Perfect Pout with LinkAesthetics


Lip fillers, an ever popular trend are constantly on the rise, with the surge of celebrities opting to seek out the perfect pout. We at LinkAesthetics pride ourselves on ensuring you receive the best quality treatment by authorised and thoroughly vetted practioners, avoiding the problematic issue of cowboy injectors exploiting unsuspecting patients. However, if you are having lip augmentation elsewhere, here is what to look out for.

Having lip fillers for the first time? This is what your practitioner should guarantee you with, for satisfactory results:

A thorough consultation:

You receive quality time with your practitioner for the initial consultation alone. “The consultation consists of a medical history being taken and discussed, including any medicines and allergies noted. The client’s desires and expectations should be discussed in detail, including shape, definition and volume.” Your lip filler practitioner should also take a psychological and physical assessment, and explain the procedure, the brand of filler they use, the possible side effects and the aftercare you need.

They should allow you time to change your mind:

Your practitioner should want you to be 100% satisfied that you have had the chance to consider if this is something you really want. Your consultation should just be a first step, a chance for the lip filler/augmentation practitioner to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate for the treatment, and more importantly, for you to be certain it’s the right choice for you. Having a consultation before the treatment gives you the opportunity to research the treatments and return with any questions.

Reach a decision with your practitioner:

What should happen? You have done your research and looked into how much filler you want, but your aesthetics injector is the professional and have their own opinion based on their knowledge and experience. They should have a thorough discussion with yourself to decide on a treatment plan together, based on the physical assessment and their expertise as well as your desired results.

Your aesthetics practitioner should guarantee you thorough aftercare:

Before you leave the treatment room, your practitioner should supply you with both aftercare advice and contact details including an out-of-hours service that you can contact if you are worried about anything.

LinkAesthetics can help you to minimise risks with your treatments, as we strive to guarantee quality services and aftercare. No more botched lip fillers and cheek augmentations.